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Personal & Team Coaching

In a fast-paced corporate landscape, the key to achieving competitive advantage often rests with the growth and development of individuals and teams. Recognising this, ECOSS Consulting offers state-of-the-art Personal & Team Coaching solutions, sculpting competent professionals, visionary leaders, and cohesive teams that drive organisational success.


Personal Coaching – Unlocking Individual Potential


Our personal coaching services are tailored to each individual’s unique needs and aspirations.


Goal Setting

We start by understanding the aspirations, challenges, and potential of every individual, creating a roadmap towards their professional and personal success.


Skills Enhancement

Our coaching sessions target specific areas of improvement, be it leadership qualities, communication skills, or emotional intelligence, to name a few.


Feedback & Monitoring

Regular feedback and progress monitoring ensure that the individual stays on the path of continuous improvement and growth.


Career Guidance

Through in-depth consultations, we provide insights and guidance on career progression, ensuring that the individual’s trajectory aligns with their passions and strengths.



Team Coaching – Building High-performance Teams


A team’s strength lies in its unity and collective efficiency.


Team Dynamics Assessment

We analyse the team dynamics, identifying strengths, areas of improvement, and potential roadblocks to efficiency.


Collaborative Workshops

Through targeted workshops, we foster collaboration, communication, and understanding among team members, creating a cohesive environment that drives results.


Role Definition & Alignment

Ensuring every team member understands their role and its alignment with the larger team objective is critical. Our coaching sessions focus on clarifying and optimising these alignments.


Conflict Resolution

Teams inevitably face conflicts. Our coaching solutions provide tools and methodologies to address and resolve these issues effectively, ensuring they don’t hamper productivity.


Leadership Development


Great leaders inspire great teams. Our coaching solutions aim to develop and refine leadership qualities in individuals and team leads.


Visionary Leadership Workshops

Sessions aimed at honing innovative thinking, decision-making, and strategic planning skills.


Emotional Intelligence Training

Leaders with high emotional intelligence can better navigate team dynamics, manage conflicts, and motivate team members. Our coaching ensures that leaders are equipped with this crucial skill.


Feedback Mechanisms

Constructive feedback can make or break leadership effectiveness. We instil the importance of giving and receiving feedback, ensuring leaders continuously evolve.


Communication Enhancement


Effective communication is the bedrock of successful teams.


Active Listening Workshops

We emphasise the importance of active listening, ensuring messages aren’t just heard but understood.


Presentation & Public Speaking

From structuring thoughts to effective delivery, our coaching covers all aspects of public speaking and presentation skills.


Non-verbal Communication

Understanding body language, tone modulation, and other non-verbal cues can greatly enhance interpersonal interactions. Our sessions delve deep into these areas, ensuring comprehensive communication skills enhancement.


Adaptability & Change Management


In a constantly changing business environment, adaptability is vital.


Adapting to Change Workshops

We train individuals and teams to be more receptive to change, ensuring minimal resistance and smoother transitions.


Problem-solving & Innovation

Our coaching sessions cultivate a mindset of continuous innovation and effective problem-solving, ensuring teams can navigate challenges efficiently.


Resilience Building

Resilience is crucial in today’s volatile business world. Through targeted coaching, we ensure individuals and teams can bounce back from setbacks stronger than before.



Continuous Support & Growth


Our commitment doesn’t end with a few sessions.


Periodic Check-ins

We believe in continuous growth. Through regular check-ins, we assess progress, address any emerging challenges, and recalibrate goals as necessary.


Resource Provision

From reading materials to online courses, we provide individuals and teams with resources that facilitate ongoing learning and development.


Feedback-driven Refinement

We value feedback and use it to refine our coaching methodologies, ensuring they remain relevant and practical.



Our Message

At ECOSS Consulting, we understand that the success of an organisation is intrinsically linked to the growth and development of its people. Our Personal & Team Coaching solutions are not just about enhancing skills but about transforming mindsets, fostering collaboration, and sculpting leaders. By partnering with us, you ensure that your most valuable assets, your people, are equipped with the skills, mindset, and support they need to drive your organisation towards unparalleled success. Invest in them, and watch your organisational horizons expand.